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I help fearful riders to get back on the saddle again, through cooperation and good connection with their horse.

Afraid to get back on your horse?

If you’ve lost your horse-riding confidence, you’ve come to the right place.  There are numerous reasons why you might feel nervous or worried about riding your horse again. Perhaps you had an accident that’s knocked your confidence. Or maybe you haven’t ridden for a while and feel out of practice?

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, I can help.  

Would you like some free advice, before you are thinking of buying a course?

5 free advices to get back on your horse again:

Click on the link to get a free e-book with a lot of good tips!

You can change your equipment, breathe in a different way and wach the horses mood. Alla of it you will experience in this free E-book.

I’m a horse trainer, breeder and experienced horse coach

 I will be able to help you in many different ways! Read about it here!

I truly believe that a better world starts with a good relationship between people and animals

I love the benefits to have the right connection to your horse!

1: You will understand why your horse is reacting like it does.

2: You will be able to read your horse before you get into trouble with it.

3: You will feel the happyness inside you when you can ask the horse instead of forcing it.

4: You will be in good mood when you go to the stable and looking forward to riding.

5: You will be able to reach your goals for you and your horse.

If you are a fearful horse owner/rider, my mission is to help you. Become confident with your horse, so you can ride with enthusiasm and joy.

Get into a space where you and your horse are connecting with peace in your heart.

Listen to my podcast with horselovers from all over the world. Click HERE if you want to explore it!