Coaching, and free call, to help you with your connection to your horse!

Free strategy session offer!

Do you need help getting on with your horse/in your riding?
Maybe you want your own personal coach? One who can guide you step by step and help you with your specific obstacles and goals? One that can help you find joy and motivation in the process.
Feel free to book a free call, so that together we can identify your personal needs:

1: Discover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your relationship with your horse
2: You want to leave the session with new energy and and new courage to move forward.
3: You want to be inspired to finally find joy with your horse again.
4: You don’t have to drive for hours and load the horse. You can sit at home and I can guide you by phone or Zoom.
5: I can work with you, give you good tools so you can safely get your courage back.
6: Choose a time where we can talk and figure out where the problem lies, and together we can come up with a plan for you.
7: It is up to you if you wish to continue working with me and I get an insight into your problem and can decide whether I can help you or not
8: This is a unique opportunity for you to get a personal assessment of your situation and sometimes you can even solve the problem during this session.
9: I will not try to persuade you to buy anything, but give you suggestions on how to proceed and what possibilities are available.

Book a completely free call and find a time that suits you!

Since I have been a successful self-employed person all my life, I can also help and coach entrepreneurs with strategies, self-development and marketing.

Here is what other costumers think:

Karin Algö: For those who have become insecure about themselves in their riding, maybe even really scared, I can really recommend Anne Axell. When I thought I had reached the end of the road with my horse because I had built up a fear that I could no longer handle, Anne could in a professional way, through conversations and exercises, steer me back to a good self-confidence in riding and a regained confidence. for my horse and for our relationship. Fear of riding is something that is really hard to get over, but with Anne’s help, I have finally started to think it’s fun again, and look forward to every riding session.

Sophie Palmgren: Thanks for a very nice and rewarding course! It feels good not to have waited too long with it. Even though I do not feel that my contact with my horse, and riding, is actually stopped by any daily fear, I have definitely been given tools to be able to prevent the brain ghosts from gaining a foothold, once they appear.

Margaretha Olenmark:
So I finally got out of my comfort zone, Anne Axell has struggled with me at a distance for a long time. I have had one escape after another. But now 2 days in a row I have come out in both trot and gallop. What happiness and pride as a rooster I am. Thank you Anne Axell for this and for believing in me. She’s there and removes the brain ghosts when I ride out nowadays.

Here is what Liselotte Eriksson said: