Fearless Riding Mastery! (For Trainers)

A trainers guide for fear-free riding.

This is a course for you as a trainer or coach who wants to help riders who require a little extra to muster the courage to ride in a relaxed and easy manner, so they can achieve better and safer riding.

Fear is something we all have to varying degrees, and for a trainer, it can be crucial to be able to help riders in certain situations to shape a good rider. Riding should be fun, but if one is afraid, it can be difficult to get there even if one really wants to.

This course provides you with a variety of techniques that you can use with your students, which are simple and fun, and they don’t take any longer to perform than regular instructions. They also provide a sense of security in riding that benefits both horse and rider.

The course is digital, so you can watch and read it whenever and wherever you want. You can watch it multiple times for better learning.

The course itself consists of 8 points:

1: Understanding the nature and causes of fear! What happens in the brain?

2: Creating a safe and supportive environment.

3: Individualized instruction and having the right horse?

4: Different techniques for managing fear.

5: Collaboration with the horse.

6: Equipment.

7: Balance.

8: Mental exercises.

I have helped hundreds of women get back in the saddle with these tools, and I’m sure you can also benefit from them.

As an instructor, you often encounter riders who need help and support, and with this course, you can be the one who has that little extra that can make you very popular.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

The price for the whole course is only 250€

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