Get Back on Your Horse Again!

Get back on your horse again!

Would you like to get back on the horse and ride fear free in
6-weeks or less?

For ex-riders who want to get rid of their fear of riding, or riders who want to ride without fear.

Would you like to mount your horse with joy and excitement?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get up on your horse, ride fearlessly and with confidence in 6 weeks or less!

So instead of having a bad conscience and guilt because of the fear that is holding you back, you can feel the freedom and joy in your heart when you connect and ride the horse that you love.

What’s included?

Determined your goals and making a plan! You will get help to define your goal and make a detailed plan how to get there.

Euipment and safety in your riding. You will learn how to be shure that your equipment is comfeteble,safe and fit,for  both you and your horse.

Balance and sits! You will learn how small changes with your sits can make you feel safer and keep your horse calm.

Understanding your horse! When you know what they are saying you can prevent bad things from happening.

Stable invoirement and food! How you can keep your horse happy( and yourself) with small changes in the stable and the food.

Mental training you can practise whenever you have 5 minutes.

And much more……

When does it start?

You can start whenever you want!

Every day (5 days a week) You will get a little mission to do. It will only takes You 15-20 minutes to do, so it is easy for You to follow the plan. Its a proven plan so I promise You will achieve Your goal!

You will have free email access to me whenever you want, if you have any problems!

What is the investment?

Price EU 250  

If you don’t think you got the results from the course, I will be happy to refund you the full amount, as long as you have tried and followed the course.

How do I sign up?

Just click here to go to Stripe payment!

If you have more questions or you are not sure if the course will be something for you, you are welcome to email me any time at or book a call at

I will be looking foreward to hear from you!

Here is what other people says:

Liselotte Erksson:

This has also changed me as a human being, she says, I am much happier in my everyday life, and long to go out to the horse again.
So many tears of joy this spring have given me! I have a horse that is happy and relaxed and I can be the mistress he deserves. We are completely new versions of ourselves. Thank you for guiding us here!

Sophia Palmberg:

Many thanks for a very nice and rewarding course! It feels good not to have waited too long with it. Even though I do not feel that my contact with my horse, and riding, is actually stopped by any daily fear, I have definitely been given tools to be able to prevent the brain ghosts from gaining a foothold, once they appear.