Get rid of your Brain Ghosts!

For equestrians who wants to ride without fear!

New Course: Get Rid of your Brain Ghosts!

Introducing our Exciting New Course: Free Yourself from Mind Barriers!

Commencing on Wednesday 27. december 5 pm CET ( 11 am est) and Thursday 28. december 5 pm CET ( 11 am est) for ca 3 hours a day.

Unlock the potential of your equestrian journey with our exclusive course designed to help you conquer your mental barriers and ride confidently without constantly envisioning worst-case scenarios.

While the brain’s purpose is to safeguard us, it can sometimes become excessively cautious, instilling fear that hinders us from engaging in activities we have successfully accomplished numerous times before. Whether it’s stress, a particular incident, or challenges in interacting with your horse, it’s time to overcome these obstacles.

We have intentionally crafted this course to provide a swift reentry into the world of horse riding. By participating in a group setting, you can take advantage of the more affordable option without personal coaching. Furthermore, working alongside like-minded individuals can be remarkably beneficial as you gain insights from their experiences.

The best part? You can attend the entire course from the comfort of your own home via Zoom! If you don’t have Zoom installed on your computer or phone, we are more than happy to assist you with the quick and free setup process.

Enroll in our course, and you’ll receive the highly valued “Ride Again” package (valued at €50). This comprehensive resource will equip you with indispensable guidance on achieving fear-free riding through tips on maintaining balance, selecting suitable equipment, and optimizing brain function.

The course is structured around 6 transformative coaching sessions,( 3 a day) scheduled for Wednesdays at 5:00 PM CET, beginning on december 27, 2023! Even if you’re unable to participate on a specific date, fret not! All sessions will be recorded, ensuring that you never miss out on any vital information.

Here’s a glimpse of what each session will cover:

  1. Hypnotherapy: Converting your mental ghosts into empowering thoughts and positive thinking.
  2. Personalized Planning: Tailored strategies and guidance for you and your horse.
  3. Breathing Techniques: Mastering crisis situations through effective breathing exercises.
  4. Step-by-Step Action: Empowering you with practical skills to confidently handle any situation that arises.
  5. Identifying the Root Cause: Gain a deep understanding of why and where things go wrong and how to rectify them.
  6. Get to enjoy your riding again and looking forward to go to the stable.

Who can benefit from this remarkable opportunity?

Anyone struggling with nervousness in various equestrian scenarios, lacking the necessary tools to overcome it. Don’t let your anxieties hold you back from fully enjoying your time with your horse. Don’t wait, as these challenges won’t simply disappear on their own. Seize this unique chance to banish your dark thoughts and reignite your passion for riding!

Even if you encounter scheduling conflicts and are unable to attend a live session, fear not! Each meeting will be diligently recorded, providing you with the opportunity to review and revisit the content at your convenience.

Join us on this transformative journey and embrace a future of fear-free, exhilarating horse riding!

It works! Many of my old and new customers can sign it on:

Liselotte: Joy The tears just flowed! But above all, I feel that I deserve my fine horse because I can be the support hes needs. Thank you Anne for all the rewarding conversations and good advice, this would never have happened without you!

Anette: You’re doing something in my head, I do not know what it is, but it works!

Ulrika: My life has changed completely, I do not understand I could be so scared before!

How do I register?

You can easily pay with your card (Normal price 250EU) NOW: 170EU on   STRIPE HERE  Then you will receive the confirmation by email and login to “Ride again”, and login to Zoom meeting. Last registration on Monday 25 december

Please contact me if you have questions at or Anne Axell on Facebook.