Get rid of your Brain Ghosts!

New Course: Get Rid of your Brain Ghosts!

Starts on Sunday 4. june 2023   5.00pm CET ( 4pm UK     8am PST)

Mini course for you who would like to ride and get around your horse without always having an accident scenario in your head.

The brain is there to protect us, but in some situations it becomes a little too overambitious so it makes us afraid, to do things that we have actually done 100 times before. It could be stress or that you have encountered something that makes that you simply stop riding or just the interaction with your horse, will become difficult.

The course is made short so that you can get started quickly again with your horse. It will take place in a group, so it will be a little cheaper for you who do not want to invest in personal coaching. Working in a group can actually sometimes be an advantage, when you hear about other people’s experiences.

We will meet on Zoom, so you dont have to go anywhere, you can sit in the comfort in your own home and participate.If you dont have Zoom on your computer or phone, I will be happy to help you with that. It is free and it only take a couple of minutes.

The course includes “Ride again” (Value  50 EU) where you get insight into all the things you can do to ride without fear, such as good advice on balance, equipment and brain function.

The course is based on 5 coaching opportunities. Sundays 5pm CET starting with Sunday 4. june 2023!

All the meeting will be recorded so you dont have to miss a thing if you are not able to participate on the date.

1: Hypnotherapy where we turn ghosts into positive thinking.

2: Planning for you and your horse

3: Breathing and how to do in crisis situations.

4: Step by step action so you always know how to handle the situation.

5: Understand why and where things are going wrong.

Who can benefit from this?

Anyone who has a problem with getting nervous in different situations with their horse and who lacks the tools to get over it. You will enjoy the horse instead of constantly having a bad conscience and not daring to do things. Do not wait, it does not go away by itself! This is a unique opportunity to overcome your dark thoughts and have fun again.

If you get obstacles and can not come one evening, the meeting will be recorded so you will not miss anything! You will get the recording and can look at it over and over again.

It works! Many of my old and new customers can sign it on:

Liselotte: Joy The tears just flowed! But above all, I feel that I deserve my fine horse because I can be the support hes needs. Thank you Anne for all the rewarding conversations and good advice, this would never have happened without you!

Anette: You’re doing something in my head, I do not know what it is, but it works!

Ulrika: My life has changed completely, I do not understand I could be so scared before!

How do I register? Pay  150EU on   Then you will receive the confirmation by email and login to “Ride again”, and login to Zoom meeting. Last registration on Saturday 3 june.

Contact me if you have questions at or Anne Axell on Facebook.