Happy Horse Hub!

How would it feel to be part of a community, be able to get your questions answered, and participate in webinars for free that others have to pay for?

How would it feel to get a 20% discount on all online courses as a member, when others have to pay the full price? Plus, if there is a topic that interests you, let us know and we will create an online
course about it. We can learn and grow together.

How would it feel to know that twice a month there will be something new, exciting and educational from Marina and Anne or one of our guests who talks about a current topic and give valuable advice about it?

How would it feel to get a whole library with learning about connection to your horse, occasionally participate in competitions, challenges and webinars that will only be available on the members’ page?

Our goal is to help make the world a better place for horses. So, we created
Happy Horse Hub – an online learning platform designed to help horse lovers
of all disciplines strengthen the horse-human relationship and so much more!

In the membership group, you also get access to a private Facebook group, where you can share your pictures, videos and problems you might be experiencing, and get some helpful feedback from experienced horse people.

In HHH, you will meet like-minded people who are also looking for good solutions to problems with
their horses. When you can share your experiences and thoughts, everyone benefits.

We help you to have a better relationship with your horse, which not only means happiness for you and your horse,
but also increased safety while riding and when spending time with your horse.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain wisdom about horses at a very fair price. We will not give it to you for free, but almost! For only 20 Euros/month (less than a pizza) you can get all this!

You will not find such an offer anywhere else.
Your membership of 20 Euros includes:
• Access to a private Facebook group with 2 monthly live calls @ 45 minutes (recorded)
• Free lessons from a whole liberary with content around connection to your horse, you can check out whenever you want. A whole course about how to find and buy your ideal horse!
• Monthly newsletter
• 20% discount on all online courses
How do you get started?

Click here: Happy Horse Hub  to register and you will get the first month for
free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, plus you can quit any time.

If you allready is sure that this is what you are looking for, you can buy a membership for a whole year for only 190EU! Click HERE to go to yearly payment!

We look forward to having you in our community!