Back in the old time!

To have a lively imagination and to do things oneself.

I’ve found another photo from the Stone Age when I had my first horse.

Check out the outfit!! This is over 50 years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

The saddle pad is a worn-out old Afghan fur that was fashionable at the time, the browband homemade, and the bit way too thick ๐Ÿ™‚ We didn’t know any better, but it was fun to come up with things and find items that could be used to make the horse look nice.

The horse itself was also untouched when I got him. 3 years old and on his way to the slaughterhouse, but he was saved by an animal-loving man and then I got him.

I called him Ali Baba, and I taught him a lot of tricks, like rearing and bucking on command. I also trained him to drive, and we had a lot of fun together. Having a horse was luxury, and owning it was absolutely fantastic.

I think about how much is done for us today. Nice saddle pads, bridles, and equipment in abundance, and most children who get a pony also get one that’s ready. Broken in, jumped, schooled, and trainers who can help.

I had to figure everything out myself, but it turned out pretty well, actually. I got to know my horse from the ground up, and we solved all problems together. Imagine if today’s youth would sew their own saddle pads and train their own ponies. Maybe there wasn’t so much time for Facebook back then?

Author: Anne Axell

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