Bridles and spurs.

Double bridles and spurs why that?
Recently read that the FEI had proposed that it should be made optional if you want spurs and double bridle in the higher classes in dressage!
I could only clap my little hands and think it was the best thing they had ever come up with, but the proposal didn’t go through!
Quote from Equestrian: In its work for the welfare of the horse, the International Equestrian Federation, FEI, has discussed removing the requirement for double bridle and spurs in international Grand Prix – there are suggestions that it should instead be optional if the rider wants to use it. In an open letter to the FEI, the International Dressage Riders’ Club and the International Dressage Trainers’ Club have opposed the proposal – they want to keep double bridles and spurs as mandatory.
I’ve always been against spurs and can’t see why you have to wear them and instead make “dummies” because you don’t want to ride with them. I also remember when I rode a lot of dressage and would prepare to ride with double bridles as I approached the classes where it was compulsory. My horse was used to double bridles but I thought it was terrible when I had to bridle him. The small mouth (had a thoroughbred at the time) and as much junk as it could fit in there. I was terrified to take the reins and only rode the bridong. Why have so many aids when it went just as well with a normal bite and without spurs?
However, I was pleased to see all the comments, in Ridsport, where everyone agreed with me on that point.
It is so nice to see that there is an awakening in the horse world, where you look out for the horse’s best interests and can move away from the old classic methods. We know better today and the internet does its part to ensure that you have a better grasp of what benefits the horse and what does not. We have changed our entire horse management, stable equipment, fodder, etc. Now is the time to deal with the torture aids used against the horse! This applies not only to the world of dressage but also show jumping etc.
What do you think?

Author: Anne Axell

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