Connecting to your horse!

How do you talk to your horse?
As a psychologist / therapist, you should preferably not say no or negative words when talking to a person who should have better self-confidence and desire to live.

How often do you say no to your horse?

Not only with your voice but also with your gestures and body language!

We are eager for the horse to understand us and do as we please, but are we willing to change ourselves in the process? To succeed with the horse is not only to adapt your language but also your thought and way of being.

The horse is your mirror and to see something nice and beautiful in the mirror, the person standing in front of the mirror must be able to show his open face and his good soul.

Start examining yourself today and listen to what signals you give the horse, when it does not want to listen to you.

Author: Anne Axell

I have helped many equestrians with their mindset and relationship with their horse, so they now are confident and enjoy the equestrian sport. Thanks to my extensive experience with horses, I can lead you to success in your riding. I have been actively riding the different riding styles,(dressage, hunter/jumper and trail) owened a lot of horses and have an equestrian business. l have also been breeding and selling horses for many years. I am a coach and trainer and have also completed courses as a judge. In addition, I have been a saddlemaker for many years and can advise you in terms of equipment and how it affects your horse. I can help you in 3 langauge, Danish, Swedish and English.