The other day I asked in Facebook what the name of the first horse you rode was.
I got so many answers and it was fun to see the old names that were repeated on many horses. I guess it triggered another part of your brain?
When you have to remember, you have to dig a little and when a memory comes up, many memories will surely come along. You start to think back to all the fun hours you have had with your horses and also unpleasant memories that we prefer to forget.
The things you have done and experienced make you aware of how much you have actually done in your life and how much you have learned. It’s not wrong to dig a little into the memory and experience the fun things again, which reminds us of why we spend our time with horses.
When you grow up, a lot of musts comes with it!

You have to take responsibility and you have to make sure that everything is right, and when those musts have to take over, the pleasure also ends.

We begin to blame ourselves for not having done this and that and we begin to value time in: That is necessary and that is not necessary, in order to be able to keep up with everyday life. In the end, there is only room for musts and we do not understand what is happening to us.
When you are a child, time is just something you have and there are plenty of it. One longs most to grow up and be able to decide, without being aware that with the right to decide also comes a lot of musts.
I feel that when you have some time off, I get restless and think about what I forgot to do.

Lately, I have been devoting a lot of time to memories, and trying to figure out what I have learned in this long time and trying to figure out what I should use this insight for in a good way.
If you have old cards or movies, it can help to refresh your memories and it is not wrong to spend some time on it.


Author: Anne Axell

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