Should a horse eat when it is transported?

For many years I have traveled with horses and driven with them in transport. For the most part, it has gone well and it is fantastic considering that many of them had never been loaded before.

I have always maked sure to have a lot of hay in the transport so the horses had the opportunity to stand and eat. It calms them down and they get other things to think about.

When I drove the horses home from Hungary to Sweden, the whole saddle chamber was stuffed with hay so I was sure it would not end.

I know that many do not dare to put a hay net in the transport, but if you hang it high there is no risk that they put their legs in it. Of course, you should always have a knife on hand so you are prepared.
It also keeps the stomach going on them, so less risk of stomach acid. Of course, you should remember to water them often if you travel longer distances.

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Author: Anne Axell

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