Today I want to talk about tick diseases.

People are starting to pay more attention to this, but a few years ago it was virtually unknown.

I have to say that in fact it is still underestimated what it can do to a horse.

The symptoms are diffuse, it can become lame, lethargic, have colic-like behavior and much more. Therefore, I always suggest people who have a horse that is sick in one way or another, to take a blood sample. It is done quickly and it does not cost much to get done. If it is not a tick disease, then you can see much else on blood tests.

I have had a couple of horses that have had ehrlichia and if you have discovered it in time, it is fairly easy to cure. I will tell you about it in a live tomorrow in the group. You are welcome to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/836768577129245
Have you experienced any horse that has had ehrlichia or anaplasma as it is called as well?

Author: Anne Axell

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