VIP English Challenge

You can already buy a VIP membership if you are extra serious!

As a VIP you will get:

1: an extra day with instructions to get started, Monday the 20th august. There will be an email with a link to the video that you can watch at your leisure.

2: You get 2×1 hour group coaching Thursday and Sunday evening at 5 pm CET on Zoom

3: You also get the recording of the challenge, so you can have it forever and watch it if you want to watch more than once (you don’t always remember what is said)

The coaching hours with Anne are very much appreciated and you get the opportunity to get personal help with what you need

The prize is so cheap that everyone can participate, EU 20 and if you want it for free, you just have to be a member in Happy Horse Hub!

When you are becoming a member you will have your first month for free, so I dont have to cost you anything to get a VIP!