What lead rein do you have?

What lead rein do you have?

Lead rein is a fun thing. It can be used for almost anything, which also means that they, just like socks in the washing machine, can disappear completely and mysteriously. I do not know how many lead reines I have bought through the ages but I know that many lead rein sellers have earned a good penny on me. The lead reins can later appear, such as tying a gate, hanging the salt stone, buckets, etc., but then they are no longer usable as lead reins. Both trainees and myself have seen them as “good to have things” to help a little everywhere. The problem is when the favorit lead rein disappears.

It has probably taken many hours to locate where it has gone!

Now we come to the serios part of the post: What’s your favorite lead rein? Be honest with yourself. Is it the color, is it the length, is it the material or the carabiner that is flexible and good to use?

Unfortunately, with my start on the post I want to point out how easy it is for a lead rein to disappear and therefore you would not like to spend some big money on one. That’s stupid, I’ve experienced that many times. How much can not happen when you lead the horse in a bad lead rein? It needs to have a good length, so you can get away if the horse should rear or jump away. It needs to be good quality, not nylon, so you do not burn your fingers if the horse jumps to the side and the carabiner needs to work well, so you are able to open it quickly, without it being too loose so it goes up by itself.

So the lead rein is invaluable in handling the horse and everyday obstacles, so buy your best favorites in the future, even if some should disappear 🙂

Author: Anne Axell

I have helped many equestrians with their mindset and relationship with their horse, so they now are confident and enjoy the equestrian sport. Thanks to my extensive experience with horses, I can lead you to success in your riding. I have been actively riding the different riding styles,(dressage, hunter/jumper and trail) owened a lot of horses and have an equestrian business. l have also been breeding and selling horses for many years. I am a coach and trainer and have also completed courses as a judge. In addition, I have been a saddlemaker for many years and can advise you in terms of equipment and how it affects your horse. I can help you in 3 langauge, Danish, Swedish and English.