Alsike Clover.

There are some poisonous plants in the pastures around. If you have large pastures, it is almost impossible to remove all poisonous plants and the horse does not eat them in normal cases.

It may be that there is a lack of grass or some plants, it is enough for the horse to touch them.

I have come across Alsike clover and it actually took a long time before I realized that this was what made the horses get scabs on the nose.

I have palomino horses and cremello and many have asked if they are not sensitive to the sun when they are so bright. It is not the color that is sensitive but if they have socks or blazers they can be sensitive right there. Mine usually have white signs and I have been told that it is the sun that makes them get scabs on these places. I have always lubricated with Helosan sun and it has actually helped.

In recent years I have found out that it is Alsikeklöver that causes these places to be affected in connection with the sun, but have never seen it as a big problem before I got it on my foal which became so sensitive so his legs became sore and he later got scars from this.

I have now moved to Hungary and here is very strong sun. But they never get scabs on the nose anymore and it must be because that plant is not here. Does your horse get scabs on the nose?
Tomorrow Tuesday 5 juli I will show my horse’s injuries from his rash and talk more about this in the group.
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Author: Anne Axell

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