Axell´s Baronessa is sold!

Axell’s Baroness is sold!
What do you have to do with it, you probably think, it is quite normal that you sell your fillies when they are 3 years old. I actually also feel a little relieved when I know that I will soon have only 4 horses left.

Then I start to examine myself.

I have been a breeder for almost 40 years, is it time to quit? When Baroness leaves, I only have one breeding mare left. The only one in my possession who can carry on the blood that I have bred for most of my life.

When to stop?

When is one too old, when will it be a torment instead of a pleasure?

So much you have gone through, dead foals, accidents and a lot of money and time you have put into it. The little pleasure you have, the short time you have the offspring before it is sold, the stallion that is to be cared for all year and in some cases only used in the spring.

I stand in the choice and the qualifier if I should get my last mare covered or I should ignore it.

Now I no longer have a stallion myself and it feels hard to go through the whole procedure to breed a foal you have to sell. It feels like one’s lifetime deed is over and it’s just accepting.

Now this may sound sad, but I do not feel any sadness, I just reflect if I would have done it differently if I had had a choice. I have had so many beautiful nice horses in my life and I am grateful and do not think I would have wanted it any different

Author: Anne Axell

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