Challenge! Get back on your horse.

The challenge will be: Get started safely on the horse at the right pace!

Fom Wednesday 15 november- Sonday 20 november

5 day challenge for those of you who have had a ” break” and find it difficult to get started alone or simply don’t really know where to start!

There will be a task every day, live from me in the Facebookgroup with what to do and how. You will get a ton of good ideas and tools to make it easyer for you to get started. Even if you are allready riding, but with fear, the challenge will be the best place for you to get better confidence.

There will be great prizes for participants and everyone is welcome, even if you have just started, it is always fun to do something together!

This is completely free for everyone, but there will also be an opportunity to buy a VIP seat for a very good price, EU 20! See everything you get as a VIP

As a member of Happy Horse Hub, you get the VIP place absolutely free!!

If you are interested in becoming a member of Happy Horse Hub, you can go to this link and register. The first month is free and then it costs only EU 20 per month and you get a number of benefits, a free course and more webinars.

If you complete the challenge, you will compete for these prizes:

1: 3 coaching hours / opportunities with Anne Axell worth EU 600

2: Digital course: Get back on your horse worth EU250

3: 3 month free memebership in Happy Horse Hub

I hope you think it sounds exciting?

Everyone who completes the challenge has the opportunity to join the course with big bonuses!

How is it done? Once you have registered, you will receive confirmation with an email with some information. Check that you receive the email when you have registered! Sometimes it unfortunately ends up in the junk mail. It is important that you get it so you know how to proceed!

When the challenge starts, you will receive an email every day with the task that you will do with your horse and how to confirm this in the FB group that belongs to the challenge. In the FB group there is a live every day, where I (Anne) tell you about what you have to do and how you can think and perform the task. You get a lot of good advice and you can also ask questions in the group.

The exercises are so that EVERYONE can participate!

Everyone has until november 22 to deposit what they need in the group in order to be able to participate for the great prizes!